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The CERTS Programs take parents' involvement and education seriously! We know that when a child is in treatment, they are working hard to learn new skills. Parents also need to learn new skills too. This will help with success when a student returns home after treatment. CERTS provides different learning opportunities to assist parents, including quarterly on-site parent seminars, a parent education webinar series, and frequent visits with yoiur teen at the program and then at home.

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Live webinars are provided to parents up to three times per month. Webinars are taught by clinical and academic staff from all of the CERTS Programs. During webinars, parents are able to interact with the instructor by asking valuable questions. CERTS also has a Parent Education Channel where parents can view a robust library of recorded webinars on-demand at their convenience.

Parent Assignments

As part of the family therapy work parents will do, they might be given an assignment by their therapist. This often correlates with the level of work that a student is doing. Assignments could include reading a chapter in a book, watching a specific webinar, or writing thoughts or feelings to be shared in family therapy.

Parents have frequently expressed to us their surprise (and delight) at the personal growth and change they have experienced in themselves and their children. Parents are excited when they start to have fun with their teens. Significantly, these new parenting skills play a major role in allowing a student to sustain their change when they return home.


Parents join us frequently for multi-day conferences that include activities with your child, intensive parent support groups, classes, parent-teacher conferences, and family therapy sessions. We definitely believe in doing deep therapy mixed with a lot of fun and laughter.

Additional on-campus, off-campus, and at-home visits will happen throughout a student's treatment at a CERTS Program, and parents are asked to attend each on-site seminar. This will allows parents to support their children and be part of the CERTS parent community as they participate in coaching sessions, family therapy, activities, and workshops.

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