Bridging Gaps for Teens in crisis Since 2002

Since 2002, CERTS schools and programs have been helping teens and pre-teens in crisis. A lot has changed since then. We're proud of the positive outcomes we've achieved through love, outstanding therapy, individualized attention, and various approaches.

While our programs are priced lower than average and in smaller settings for effectiveness, we recognize they can still be expensive for many families. That's where the CERTSGroup Foundation Endowment Fund comes in.

The CERTSGroup Foundation, is a 501(c)3 charitable foundation that helps families in our programs.  The majority of our assistance is provided to families who experience some kind of financial difficulty and run out of financial resources prior to their child's graduation.   In such cases, this fund can help a family to bridge the gap and get to the finish line.  In a few limited situations, this assistance can be provided to families right from the outset of treatment in order to make care a possibility.  In all cases, it is a gift that literally has the ability to save lives. 

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Our Fund's HAVE A Big Impact on Care!

Our goal is to prioritize clinical appropriateness over financial ability for admission. The endowment fund invests in a managed, diversified portfolio of high-yielding securities. Every year, 100% of the interest income is distributed to families in need, without touching the principal. The portfolio's appreciation over time ensures inflation protection.

Although our assets are currently small, our aspirations are significant. We aim to make a lasting and life-saving impact that grows stronger each year. We invite you to consider supporting us whenever possible because we believe our children are worth it!

Donations Go Towards:

  Tuition Discounts 

  Financial Assistance for Families in the CERTS Programs


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The CERTSGroup Foundation is a 501(c)3 non profit organization and your entire donation should be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor on your specific situation. 

No. 100% of all expenses incurred by the CERTSGroup Foundation are paid for by the CERTS Schools and programs, including expenses related to investment management, gifts given as a token of our appreciation, etc.

Absolutely! That said, our preference is to have the money be free to go where it is most needed–and that may or may not be at your program of choice. But we will absolutely honor whatever wishes you make about where it goes.


Yes! This is a wonderful way to stretch your donation to make an even bigger impact.

While every situation is different, generally at the present time we do not extend financial aid at the time of admission. Rather, financial assistance is provided to families whose child is already enrolled in a CERTS program and who run out of money, lose their job, or have a significant life event that makes it so that their child will not be able to graduate from the program without additional financial help. Your help allows them to bridge the gap and get their child through to graduation.

We acknowledge that treatment in general is incredibly expensive. We salute and honor all of our parents who have gone through this journey, regardless of financial status. To those of you who are not in a position to pay more–we get it, and don’t want to offend. That said, this very frustration that some may feel is exactly why we see the need to do this in the first place–to make this process easier financially for more families. Our dream has always been to make goodness of clinical fit the primary criteria of placement, not just ability to pay. Our hope and desire is that we will find a way to make this whole process more affordable to those who need help in the near future

Call us at 888-406-5968 to learn more about the CERTS Programs can help your teen.