Our mission is to provide the best treatment programs for adolescents. We create environments that support healing, encourage growth and personal development. We are ALL in, every day, everyone of us, for every teen.   

At CERTS, we truly care about making treatment personal. We have built kind and supportive programs where intensive therapy and genuine care come together. Our approach is all about embracing each teen's uniqueness and using it to help them heal and grow. We believe in shorter and effective treatment that ensures long-lasting improvements in the lives of young people and their families.

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CERTS Standards of Excellence 

Engaging Families

We prioritize family involvement with weekly therapy, coaching, on-site seminars, and tailored coursework. Trust and transparency are paramount, maintaining consistent contact between parents, their child, and the program.

Intimate and Personalized Programs

Our intentionally small programs create intimate, homelike environments for effective, individualized care, yet remain large enough to offer sophisticated treatment and social opportunities.

Exemplary Academic Experience

Our teacher-led classrooms not only challenge students but also successfully prepares them for their return home or college prep. Students discover or rediscover the joy in learning.

Tailored and Specialized Approaches

CERTS programs each have unique niches and clinical approaches, emphasizing strengths and self-expression, whether through horses, animals, nature, creative arts, recreation, music, etc.

Fostering Joy in Transformation:

Engaging treatment leads to successful outcomes. Intensive clinical work requires the balance of laughter and play. CERTS Programs offer diverse activities, from outdoor adventures to animals, arts, and travel.

Holistic Individual Care for Better Outcomes

With research-backed expertise and over two decades of experience, we prioritize individual clinical attention. Our therapists maintain smaller caseloads, ensuring personalized care for each child's unique needs.

Varied and Effective Clinical Approaches

Our programs employ diverse, intensive clinical methods targeting unmet needs. Whether through trauma therapy, equine therapy, play or sand tray therapy, we provide comprehensive therapeutic experiences for all ages.

A Nurturing Environment

Guided by the Arbinger principles, our non-punitive, strength-based approaches foster nurturing environments. Team members are trained to see individuals as people, promoting support and understanding.

Cost effective treatment

Smaller means more personalized, and CERTS prioritizes cost-effectiveness, so we can deliver substantive care without inflated prices, making our programs generally more affordable than comparable programs.

Residential treatment is a level of care that combines 24/7 support staff, individual therapy, group therapy, and education. It is ideal for the young person who is making poor choice, is engaged in dangerous behaviors (e.g. cutting, eating disordered behaviors, drug or alcohol abuse, etc.) and/or who needs a high level of support for mental or behavioral issues. By contrast, acute care (hospital setting) is a higher level of care (typically for suicidal or extreme out of control states and shorter term) and therapeutic boarding (less therapy, less supervision, and longer term) is a lower level of care.

The CERTSGroup Foundation is a 501(c)3 non profit organization and your entire donation should be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor on your specific situation

No. 100% of all expenses incurred by the CERTSGroup Foundation are paid for by the CERTS Schools and programs, including expenses related to investment management, gifts given as a token of our appreciation, etc.


Absolutely! That said, our preference is to have the money be free to go where it is most needed–and that may or may not be at your program of choice. But we will absolutely honor whatever wishes you make about where it goes.


Yes! This is a wonderful way to stretch your donation to make an even bigger impact.

While every situation is different, generally at the present time we do not extend financial aid at the time of admission. Rather, financial assistance is provided to families whose child is already enrolled in a CERTS program and who run out of money, lose their job, or have a significant life event that makes it so that their child will not be able to graduate from the program without additional financial help. Your help allows them to bridge the gap and get their child through to graduation.