Kent Tasso Founder and CEO

Kent founded CERTS in 2001, Kolob Canyon Residential Treatment Center in 2002, and then later added Moonridge Academy, La Europa Academy and Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy.  He has lead the charge for what he calls "specialized treatment," where smaller, more targeted programs replace the large, "jack of all trade" programs, believing that really knowing and understanding the profile of each student we treat will lead to better outcomes.  At CERTS, we think he's right!  (Click here to see our outcome data).

 Kent started his career as an educator, and will tell you his heart is still in the classroom.  A large part of the inspiration to start CERTS was from this experiece and seeing the incredible disconnect between how students perceived themselves and their amazing potential.  In fact, today Kent still teaches a class he calls "Personal Leadership" several times annually to our students at the various programs to help them better understand their potential.  Kent is also a passionate fundraiser dreaming of the day when goodness of clinical fit is driving factor for placement, not financial ability to pay.  

Kent has an amazing wife, is the father of 6 children,  has 6 granchildren (and counting), and loves to serve, travel and learn new things.