Anamarie Rodabough, Certs Operations

Anamarie has worked at the CERTS Programs since 2016.  She worked as the Admissions Director for Kolob Canyon and Moonridge Academy for many years before moving into her current role in operations. She is responsible for a number of things including our parent education program, back up admissions, writing policies and procedures and quality assurance.  Anamarie enjoys having the opportunity to work with each of the CERTS Programs providing ongoing support.  Anamarie has a bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University.  Prior to working with CERTS, she spent over 20 years working with individuals with developmental disabilities.

When not working, Anamarie enjoys spending time with her husband and family.  She loves to ski, kayak, hike and travel.  She is known to listen to true crime podcasts.  She also loves watching college basketball and NFL football.